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ONE dance.


Founded in 2012 as Marin County's premiere professional dance company, Inside Out Contemporary Ballet utilizes the healing power of dance to inspire self-discovery and community-building in the San Francisco Bay Area and the world at large.


The artistic vision of IOCB is to create inspirational spaces where individuals can gather and connect with each other from the inside out. Through our extensive community outreach and site specific work, we are re-imagining ballet as social practice, with an ultimate goal of developing new works that offer visions of our shared humanity.


As an inaugural class graduate of the Alonzo King LINES Ballet B.F.A. Program, Casey Lee Thorne founded Inside Out Contemporary Ballet in 2012.  Their first collaboration entitled Dance Anyway debuted in February 2013, featuring a mash up of contemporary ballet and slam poetry by Jewel Mathieson.  In October 2013, IOCB presented The Shadow of a Doubt in collaboration with interactive lighting artist Mark Janes, a commissioned piece for the 22nd annual West Wave Dance Festival. If I Were You – Project Marin, which debuted in February 2014, showcased a community inspired dance collaboration with set designer Lisa Boling Huntsman. Their most recent work, If I Were You – Project Israel, was the result of a 2014-2015 Fulbright Fellowship to Israel, and debuted in October 2015 in collaboration with composer Ben Juodvalkis and set designer Lisa Boling Huntsman. IOCB will debut their first experimental piece, Boxing, in August 2016, followed by the third iteration of the If I Were You project, If I Were You - Project Bali, in August 2017.



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Our first fundraiser in support of If I Were You - Project Bali was a huge success! Woods Bar and Brewery in Oakland created a craft beer, the 'Coco Komodo', inspired by Balinese flavors such as dragon fruit and coconut, and donated 100% of the sales to IOCB. Such inspiring generosity! Pictured below are IOCB dancers Mallory Markham (left) and Casey Lee Thorne (right) helping the Woods team during the brew process. 



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